Start Your Own Lace Wig Empire!!

The work-from-home job industry is now BOOMING. You too can work from home with this incredible business opportunity and start earning $10,000+ per month! This is a Ground Floor Opportunity for you to Make a Killing Providing A Sought After Product In The Billion Dollar Wig Industry

Ground Floor Opportunity

Lace wigs are one of the fastest growing products in the hair industry. What was once a closely guarded secret of those in the entertainment and modeling industries is now open to mainstream America and the product is spreading like wildfire. This has created a real and genuine opportunity for hair industry professionals and/or entrepreneurs to achieve their dream of financial independence and security by becoming a lace wig consultant. This is a ground floor opportunity because unless you live in a large or major metropolitan city chances are there is no-one in your area selling lace wigs. Even if there is a local beauty supply store in your area carrying this product, nine times out of ten they are selling crappy synthetic lace wigs with hard scratchy fake lace. You can become the expert and dominate the market by being the first person in your area to offer top notch quality lace wigs that will keep your customers coming back to you for more. Our wigs are of supreme quality constructed by experienced lace wig technicians using only 100% Real Human Hair and 100% Real Swiss/French lace.

Who Are We?

We are a trusted U.S. and international distributor of lace wigs and lace front wigs. We are your wholesale source for premium quality Lace Wigs. We offer stock and custom lace wigs. When you join our Free wholesale program you will be able to purchase our exquisite, high quality lace wigs and lace front wigs at low wholesale prices!



What Exactly is a Lace Wig?


A Lace wig is one that gives the appearance that the wig hair is actually growing out of your head. They are the most natural looking non-surgical hair replacement systems on the market. The wigs are made using a lace mesh base cap. The lace mesh will have the same skin tone as your skin so that when applied against your skin it will disappear. Lace wigs are the only true hair replacement system where you can have an exposed hair line.

Authentic lace wigs can either be completely hand made (full lace wig) or partially hand made (lace front wig). Both are natural looking hair replacement solutions but full lace wigs offer a bit more styling versatility.

Take a look at this interesting video to see how lace wigs are actually made:




How Much Can I Make?


Exquisite Premium quality lace wigs such as ours are selling for $800 - $3500.  With our low wholesale pricing you will be able to realize profit margins of up to 400%. You will be an independent reseller so you can set your own wig prices.  This is an extraordinary business opportunity to offer one of the most sought after products in the beauty industry. This is an excellent opportunity for you to position yourself as the lace wig expert in your community and dominate your market! Depending on how much you decide to sell your wigs for you can easily make $10,000+ per month.


One method many successful Lace Wig Consultants use to sell their wigs is to host lace wig parties. Click here for a sample of the income you can generate using this method alone.


Many consultants also specialize in the very lucrative field of non-surgical hair replacement for people suffering from hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia, chemotherapy, etc. In most cases the clients health insurance will cover all or part of the wig cost as long as the hair loss is medical related. Your kit will include marketing material for this market.



Benefits of Becoming An Independent Lace Wig Consultant


  • Ground Floor Opportunity - Unless you live in a large or major metropolitan city chances are there is no-one in your area selling high quality lace wigs. You can become the expert and dominate the market by being the first person in your area to offer this exclusive product.

  • Built-in Marketing - Many celebrities wear lace front wigs and they are like a walking bill board for your services! Once the word gets out that you sell the wigs that Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, etc. wear clients will flock to you like bees to honey.

  • Recession Proof Business - Regardless of the state of the economy, women always want to look good and they want their hair to be fly. The wig industry is a billion dollar industry and you can start earning a piece of that pie.

  • Quality - We only use the best ventilators and the highest quality hair for the construction of our wigs. Our wig specialist have over 10 years experience in designing and constructing wigs.  Don't settle for inferior quality...sell a product that you can have confidence in. A quality product will keep your customers coming back and generate new business for you from word of mouth.

  • Product Variety - We offer lace wigs in all textures and the following hair types: Brazilian, Chinese,  European, Indian, Malaysian and Mongolian.

  • Marketing Support - We provide you with marketing materials to help you grow your business

  • Low Minimum Order Requirement  - We only require that you order 1 wig every 35 days in order to remain active.

  • Large Stock Lace Wig Inventory - You will have wholesale access to over 3000 stock wigs every month.

  • Easy Online Order System - You will be able to order your wigs online 24hrs a day.



Lace Wig Wholesale Program Requirements


  • Your first order must be a minimum of 1 wig at the wholesale price. There are no minimums after that but you must order at least 1 wig every 35 days after placing your initial order to remain active. This is to insure that you are ordering for business purposes and not personal use.

  • You will be an Independent Reseller.  We offer suggested retail prices but you are free to set your own selling price.


Now Is The Time To Act

We charge a small one time fee of $75.00 to cover the cost of your Reseller Kit.  When you join you will receive the following:

  • Reseller ID

  • Access to our wholesale website. From there you can order stock and custom wigs 24/7 at our low wholesale prices.

  • Hair Color Ring

  • Lace Color Ring

  • Lace Wig Marketing Materials

  • Order Forms

  • Head Measurement Chart

  • Lace Wig Guide


Now Is The Time To Act


The lace wig industry is booming. Don't miss out on this very lucrative business opportunity as we are only accepting a limited number of wholesalers from each city/state... so act fast!


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